Rural Credit Services Rural Credit Services

Alaska Rural Financial Services is located in Nome, Alaska and serves the following Western Alaska communities and their surrounding villages: Barrow, Kotzebue, Nome, Bethel, and Dillingham.

RFS is owned by life-long rural Alaskans, Lahka & Kavik Peacock, established to provide communities with a local alternative for their financial services needs.

Communities in rural Alaska contend with many hardships, one of these being a lack of banking and financial services. This makes building credit, securing loans, check cashing, depositing funds, and withdrawing money difficult to impossible at times. Not only is this difficult on community members, but also local businesses and organizations, as they must bear the burden of providing these services.

We at RFS are striving to alleviate some of these hardships. We would like to work together with your local organizations to provide your community with these much needed services and strengthen your local economy.
Rural Credit Services Rural Credit Services Rural Credit Services Rural Credit Services